IGNITE Strategic Alignment

Ignite™ is a comprehensive process that helps owners/managers to clarify their business strategy, set clear goals and timelines, and apprise their entire team of the direction the company must take in order to achieve its vision.

Through research and experience, Xennex discovered owners/managers of leading companies:

Have a clear sense of where the company is heading, but struggle with communicating that vision to their whole team
Are not confident that their team’s goals are aligned with the broader goals of the company
Often are uncertain about where their company will be in three years
Do not know if every team member knows why they do what they do
Rarely sit down with their team…to talk about business strategy
Have trouble setting priorities for new opportunities and acting on them


You will come to clearly understand your company’s core ideology and what this means to your success

You will set five priorities per quarter and develop an action plan to achieve them

You will separate strategic thinking from day-to-day decisions and management, allowing you to focus more on your company’s overall direction

Experienced Xennex consultants will meet with you on a quarterly basis to prepare content for the team meeting, and then report on the progress of the entire team

Your entire team will understand the fundamentals of excellent teamwork and how to build trust among each other

You will realize the benefit of your entire company working together towards a common visionary goal


  • Companies experiencing fast growth, a recent transition in senior management, or succession of the business

  • Companies that are prepared to accomplish goals and tasks on a quarterly basis

  • Owners/Managers who are self-aware enough to leverage the strength of strategic advisors while charting their course

  • Companies that share a similar set of values to those practiced at Xennex