Executive Services

At Xennex we’re in the business of creating more than long-term, stellar relationships with our clients. We work with our clients as trusted advisors, facilitating them on their path to high achievement.


Inspire and imagine. Not two words most consulting firms would associate with strategy. Then again, we’re not most consulting firms.

Strategy development should be fun. We make it so. You, your team and your Board of Directors need to agree on the answers to two significant questions: Where are you going? And why?All strategy boils down to these two simple questions and the complex answers they provoke. It’s that easy and that challenging. At Xennex, we make this process simple, straightforward, and effective to keep you and your team on track, on time, and on the money.

We make strategy simple, results achievable, and we keep your team heading in the same direction.



How many times have you suffered through what Patrick Lencioni calls Death by Meeting? Have you left important executive meetings, board meetings, or retreats wondering what you really accomplished? Are you confident that the great ideas generated in your meeting will actually take root somewhere?

Xennex helps you to focus the content and objectives of your meeting, using a unique, facilitative process that generates efficiency and results.

We are experienced in facilitating meetings for boards of directors, executive retreats, national, regional, provincial and local roundtables, and public consultations of all types. And we can do this in both English and French.



Xennex works with senior executives, assisting them with their Learning Development Plans, and providing tools to help them make challenging and difficult decisions that ultimately have a significant impact.

Using a variety of techniques, we help Owners, Managers, and Executive Directors further leverage and build on their strengths. By helping to resolve important and lingering decisions, we provide our clients with enhanced focus and peace of mind.